Growth Summit Basecamp 2024
The Future of Work: HR for Innovators

5.16.2024 | Harbor Entrepreneur Center

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Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey with HR

This year, the Summit is going bigger than ever, taking on Columbia and Charleston for a Growth Summit that expands outside of the Midlands. HR will take center stage at this year’s Basecamp, making it the perfect pairing for DisruptHR, taking place the previous day on Wednesday, May 15. Come explore strategies for growing a business through innovative human resources processes and mingle with local, like-minded entrepreneurs.

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What Others Say

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“Truly a don’t-miss event.” – John Brandon Gethers, CEO, Diamond Standard Capital

“It was great to see so many entrepreneurial-minded people come together with a commitment to helping one another…it was really inspiring.” – Christian Brown, Accountant III at Companion Data Services

“I loved seeing so many entrepreneurs from every specialty imaginable.” – Valerie Barrineau, Social Media & Marketing Expert at Hawley Digital

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Startups. Growth-stage Companies. Innovators.

If you’re looking to grow, the Basecamp is for you. Come stay one step ahead of the competition by exploring the newest concepts in HR that will propel your entrepreneurial journey forward. Equip your company with expert knowledge on the future of work and employee management.